I’m a long-time English language educator and teacher trainer. I’m currently teaching academic English at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China, but I have also helped learners in Honduras, Japan, Uzbekistan, and the United States build their communicative competence and academic literacy. One of the many things I’ve learned from these experiences is that English is not a foreign language, English is ours. It belongs to each of us, and we all deserve the opportunity to learn it from a professional.

‘Our English’ functions as a portfolio of my work as both an academic and an educator, as well as a platform for me to provide commentary to the TESOL community on my experiences teaching English.

I am always interested in connecting with colleagues and discussing teaching practice and research. My research is currently focused on pragmatics, English for academic purposes, and technology-mediated pedagogy. Additionally, if you are a student, school, or business interested in making English work for you, feel free to follow me on LinkedIn or you can email me at Alex.James.Barrett@gmail.com

*Disclaimer: All views expressed on AlexJamesBarrett.com are entirely my own.