Academic Writing Samples

PDF: Barrett_2011_Interlanguage_Pragmatics

This is a paper I wrote over the course of the final semester of my M.A. TESOL program. I wanted to research the pragmatic features of beginner-level English learners, to see if there was pragmatic transfer from the L1. I was hoping to find ways of improving pragmatic instruction by identifying any pre-existing pragmatic proficiencies of the learners. So I recorded some conversations, and using conversation analysis, I took a close look at the language. Positive pragmatic transfer was found to occur. Pedagogical implications include a better understanding and increased awareness of cross-cultural similarities in communication and an increased ability to meet our student’s needs by eliminating impractical native-like models for interacting pragmatically.


PDF: Barrett_CA of student-teacher interaction

This is  a project I did for a Conversation Analysis class I took as an M.A. student. It examines how the talk-in-interaction between a teacher and a student changes during a one-on-one writing conference as the participants grow accustomed to each others’ out-of-the-classroom roles. I contrasted their interaction with a traditional classroom conversation structure known as IRE (Initiation Response Evaluation). This project made me aware of how our identities as teacher and student effect our conversation and how those conversations either facilitate or hinder the learning process.


PDF: Partnering ESL teachers and community health professionals

My colleague Tiffany Pippin and I collaborated on this community based project designed to partner ESL teachers in the Bay Area of California with health professionals. The purpose behind this partnership was to bring much needed mental health care to a large population of Burmese refugees in the area.

CBP poster session

Tiffany and me at our community based project poster session