-Courses Taught-

AY 20-21 English for Academic Purposes
Alasala Colleges
For-credit undergraduate English skills courses building towards academic literacy in multiple subject areas

AY 17-18, AY 18-19, AY 19-20 English for Academic Purposes
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
For-credit undergraduate course designed to improve university English skills such as listening to lectures, reading academic material, writing academic essays and reports, and giving professional presentations

AY 15-16, AY 16-17 Listening and Speaking
Namangan State University
For-credit undergraduate course for English majors and pre-service teachers. Academic and professional aural and oral competency through mediums of debate and presentations

AY 14-15 English communications II
Sumoto High school
Integrated skills course focusing on the functions of grammar in context for the intermediate level

AY 14-15 English communications I
Sumoto High School
Integrated skills course focusing on the functions of grammar in context for the beginner level

AY 13-14 English Expressions II
Sumoto High School
Conversational English with an emphasis on grammatical forms, listening competency, and dialogue practice

AY 13-14 Introduction to Academic Writing
Sumoto High School
Sentence, paragraph, and essay structure and organization for academic purposes

AY 12-13 English Literature
Minerva Bilingual School
Understanding and responding to short fiction writing, examining elements of story, poem, and narrative structure

AY 12-13 English Grammar
Minerva Bilingual School
Thorough examination of basic English grammar, sentence mapping, phrase structure and paragraph writing

-Courses Assisted-

AY 10-11 Advanced Listening and Speaking
City College of San Francisco
Academic and professional listening and speaking skills and strategies, focus on oral communication activities, oral presentations and listening competency with vocabulary and grammatical structures appropriate to the advanced level

AY 9-10 Second Year Composition for Multilingual Students
San Francisco State
Expository argumentative composition and critical reading of nonfiction: supporting arguments with outside sources, developing revising strategies and research skills