• Breaking News English -A news website that targets English language learners. Has different difficulty levels along with quizzes and activities.
  • ELLLO -Videos of conversations in English with vocab and comprehension quizzes
  • VOA News -Another News website from the people at Voice of America
  • Rachel’s English -Rachel’s wonderful English learning videos on YouTube
  • -Real English conversations with transcripts and vocabulary
  • Randall’s Cyber Listening Lab -Huge inventory of listening quizzes and activities
  • Listen a Minute -Short listening texts with activities


  • Conversation Exchange -Pen-pals, text, voice, and video exchange
  • The Mixxer -Free language exchange site that uses Skype
  • My Language Exchange -Speaking practice with many languages offered
  • italki -Clean looking site, lots of users looking for language exchange
  • -A great site full of ideas for giving speeches
  • -Full of how-to info for public speaking on any occasion
  • EAP Talk -This website uses AI to evaluate your speaking performance
  • Lang-8 -A community of language learners where you can practice your speaking
  • Base 400 vocabulary list -A list of the 400 words you should begin with when learning any language (list is in English)


  • -How to write a paragraph
  • Thought Co. -This page from Thought Co. has some good resources for writing prompts and essay samples
  • EAP Foundation -A site that covers all the skills for writing English for Academic Purposes
  • -Writing resources
  • CZ- Training -Exercises for paraphrasing
  • Comparative Media Studies -This page gives in-depth explanations and resources for writing
  • -Flash fiction, writing prompts for 300 word stories
  • Ergo -Step-by-step from the initial question to the bibliography
  • Compleat Lexical Tutor -This sight has a variety of resources for vocabulary building and essay writing
  • Marking Mate -A site where you can paste your essay and have it evaluated for academic quality
  • Write & Improve -This web tool from Cambridge will evaluate your writing for free
  • Collocation Dictionary -Type a word and find other words that it is commonly found together with
  • SKEll -Another good collocation finder
  • Ludwig -Very useful tool for English language learners. So many functions!
  • Linggle -English synonym finder
  • Academic PhraseBank -A list of useful terms to improve your academic writing


Technology for the Classroom

  • Storyrobe -Add photos and narration to make an informative slideshow
  • Storykit -Like Storyrobe but you can also add text or drawings
  • Socrative -A great application that can be used in class for assessing students
  • Padlet -This app really helps if you do a lot of group activities in your class
  • Kahoot -Gamification of learning at its best
  • Quizlet -A website and app that has pre-made sets of flashcards to help you boost your vocabulary
  • Wooclap -Kind of like Kahoot, but different
  • Anki -A spaced-repetition vocabulary learning app. Absolutely necessary!
  • VoiceThread -Record dynamic lectures with multimedia to use in your online course
  • FlipGrid -A site where learners can post short video or audio presentations and others can comment on them
  • Miro -A free whiteboard collaboration space where multiple people can post notes, make diagrams and generally work together on things
  • Trello -Another collaborative project management tool for group work
  • Slack -A file sharing, and communication workspace where groups or teams can collaborate on projects
  • Groupme -A website that hosts groups for chatting and collaboration. I used this site in my statistics class so groups of students could post questions about the homework and discuss them
  • Kami -This app has a lot, but I used it as a white-boarding space for group assignments that involve a pdf. You can upload your pdf to Kami and groups can interact with it simultaneously

Corpora & Research tools

English teaching resources

Other Blogs

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